Using Headphone While Dancing

dancing with headphone

You finally decide to get yourself together and run to perfect dancing style. You finally get a step closer to the perfect look and healthy lifestyle. But it’s a long lonely battle and you need someone to cheer you up whenever you feel giving up. It’s time to turn on the music! Let’s your favorite songs play in the best way while you hard-working practicing. To avoid influence to other people, you should use a headphone while your practicing process. The suitable one for you is headphone for working out. It will be easy for you in all movements. Here are some tips for choosing best workout headphones.

dancing with headphone

Earbuds Or Full Size?

The first thing you should come up with is to decide which headphone form you want. Different designs can fit your ears and sound differently. The design should not only be comfortable but also fit your style of music. Below are some recommendations:

  • Earbuds/In-ear headphones:

This is the most common option for headphone. With affordable price and pocket size, the device can offer sound isolation as they go inside your ears, let you enjoy music without disturbance and focus on working out. The design also is preferred more than over-the-ear headphones by those wear glasses or have head size problem. However, some earbuds may fall out of your ears while exercising or cause uncomfortable feeling and hearing trouble as they go deeply inside your ears.

Full size headphone

  • Full size headphones:

Before you pick full-size headphones, few things should be considered. With ear cups that cover the ears completely, full size headphones can provide good sound effect than in-ear headphones with great bass response, sound clarity and noise isolation. They are also hard to fall out during exercise with strong movements. But the size can be drawback because of difference in head size and they add some weight to the head too. They also make your ears hot after long exercises which is really unexpected!

Ear pad headphone

  • Ear pad headphone:

Not too big nor too small, these headphones have small pads over your ears, perfect for those want a headphone can cover ears and stay where they are but not too “over” like full size headphones. They have higher sound quality compared to ear buds but do not completely shut you down with the outside world. They also do not make your ears hot or irritated, which is very nice. But you should think twice if your surrounding is exceptionally loud.

Go For Wireless

Since many exercises requires strong and big movement, you will not want the headphones wires get in the way. It’s inconvenient and your headphones can be fell out and broken anytime. Most wireless headphones these days are with Bluetooth and you can play, pause or skip music with functions right on headphones. Some headphones with Bluetooth also have built-in control which allow you to answer calls while keep up your work out pace. For those who loves chit-chat, this function is one of priority option. What makes you feel more motivated than let all juicy stories with your friends sweep away your sweat from working out? Just small notice is that you have to charge battery for those wireless and the connection can be interrupted sometimes.

Sweat/Water Resistant

While you can pretty much use any headphones for exercise, some are particularly designed for fitness and workout. Both in-ear headphones and headphones with ear pads can be worn out after long time being exposed repeatedly to sweat. Moreover, without proper cleaning, all dirt can cause skin and ear trouble for users. Fitness-geared headphones always include not only sweat resistant character but  also removable cushion which can be washed and swapped. Some buds are designed to be less prone to slippage from sweat and body oil, prevent headphones to fall out during exercises.

Other Consideration

Sound quality: This is the most important feature for a headphone. Don’t let the shinny eye-catching design deceive you! To make you money worth every cent, here are some tips for sound testing:

  1. Put some of the Eminent speaker sound tests into your MP3 player or phone before going to store. They will play certain sound with description of what they should sound like. You should move on to other headphones if the sound do not match the description.
  2. Old music or classical music help too. As modern music has lot of beat and electronic sound, old music will be better sound indicator. The harmony and different instrument sound in classical music will show you the range of the headphones.
  3. Lastly, listen to some of your favorite songs. Different kind of music will require different standard for testing (bass for techno, guitar for acoustics..). Moreover, since it’s your favorite song, you are the one know exactly how it should be sounded.

Durability and warranty: The new headphone is usually brought after the old one has broken. Therefore, you should buy the one that you know that can last for long time. It may take extra money to get the quality one, but it will be more costly in repair and replacement cost for cheap ones. Choose quality one without flaws and errors because you may need it to survive after being thrown into gym bags with many other stuffs or rolling around locker over and over again.

It will be nice if the product has warranty. Commonly, a headphone will have one or two year warranty. It may not important but you have to consider when making decision. Thinking about repair cost worth haft of the headphone price just 6 months later because you accidently dropped it.

Where to buy: The local stores with specializes in audio and sound devices may be the best choice. Stores with reputation and genuine distribution are all good. Various designs and sellers will be overwhelmed and confused for you to make rational choice, therefore, looking for online review before buying also narrow down your range and save time before head out to store.  If you desired headphone is not locally available, make sure the online and delivery service are trust-worthy!

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