Important Things to Know When Dancing with Music

Important things to know when dancing with music

Important things to know when dancing with music

Everyone knows many benefits of the dance music. But a lot of people can not dance well. Even, they are not enough patience to achieve the purposes. In fact, learning to dance is a long process. It includes both the perception and the reality. We can say that learning to dance is a lifetime. Although you have all basic theories about dancing they are not enough to dance well. We need to invest the special effort as well as the time. These things must combine with your passion. I think that you will have the opportunity for the success. I will introduce some tips. They are the important things to know when dancing with music.  This article will be a good lesson for you if you want to learn the dance music effectively.

  1. Music Is A Key Factor

The first requirement of the dance is to dance the right rhythm of the music. According to Dan Radler- an expert of the ISTD, he said that the judges will be eliminated the dancers which they do not dance matching with the music. This is the first criterion. To do this, we must take the time listen to music carefully. At that time, we will know where the first beat of the music. This requires the dancers must practice a lot.

In addition, you have to feel what the music wants to say to the listeners. It is extremely important which you can do it easily. Basically, music is an essential element to connect in couples. Music is the environment for the couples who will combine together to perform the great dance music.

  1. Learning Listen to Music Firstly


Very important to learn listen to music firstly

You want to dance.  Normally, many people think that they try to learn how to dance properly. However, you need to have some minimal knowledge about music. Here are some steps to learn how to listen to music in the right way.

  • Firstly, the beat of the music will be the first factor. You must listen to the music to recognize where the strong beat and where the weak beat.
  • Beyond that, you also should pay attention to the color and tone of the songs. In the beginning time, you should focus on the words fro dance music. At this time, you only listen carefully to the lyrics and identify the content of the songs.
  • On the other hands, to help you listen to the music easily, you should listen to the favorite songs or the familiar songs. You will get some basic elements as well as the structures of the dance music.
  • Finally, you become more confident to dance with the music. I believe that you will find it more interesting.
  1. Practicing Dance with Music

Do not be shy to dance with music after you learn to listen to music because of two following reasons:

  • Sometimes, you count the beat of the music having some differences from the tempo. Typically, with the difficult steps, it can be wrong your count rhythm. You need to overcome this to catch to the beat in the dance music. You should remember that some strong factors in the music will be a motivation for your movements in the dance music.
  • Besides, dancing to the music is to let the music absorb into each movement of hops. You must practice as much as possible until everything becomes easily and comfortably when dancing. Especially, you need to practice with many different songs with the standard tempo. I think that it is the secret to successful dance.

Should practice with many different songs with the standard tempo

  1. Only Dance with The Mature Hops

Do you know its reason? Because this will help you and your partner enjoy the excitement of the dance. Try to dance some movements which you do not understand. They will create the harmony during dancing. Moreover, you also can practice some strange hops. They are the challenges to help you more exciting with dancing. When you have some experience and the basic knowledge about the dance music, you do not need to spend too much time to start a new challenge.

  1. Paying Attention to Your Posture While Dancing

Keep the upright position and move in balance

To perform any movements in dancing, the dancers must pay attention to your posture. You are always the upright position and move in balance. Some movements must combine with the gesture of the hands. However, you should not abuse your hands a lot. Actually, this only contributes to keeping the balance of the body.

  1. Do Not Think That Dancing to Perform


Combine with your partner to dance in the best way

Dancing is the harmony in the mind with the partner for listening to the music. Therefore, you should try your best to combine with your partner to dance in the best way. It is better to forget the performance for the competition. Instead, you only focus on your movements with your partners. This will help you achieve the real purpose of the dance. Surely, you will feel more comfortable in your mind. Of course, you will dance better.

  1. Determining Clearly The Role within The Couples

Although there are two people who are dancing it is always to have two different roles. There is the main person. Another person will follow. Sometimes, the couple will dance separately. In fact, they have the good combination together.  So, when you want to dance with another dancer, it is very necessary to determine clearly the role. You will dance well when you know your duty in the dance music.

In conclusion, dancing is a wonderful sport which many people really like. They have many benefits. If you are a beginner you need to know some important information about the dance music. 7 things which I just mention above are the most necessary things. They are the foundation in dancing. I hope that this article will provide the useful things for you.

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