5 Things to Remember in The Dance Competitions

5 important things to remember in the dance competitions

5 important things to remember in the dance competitions

You are a dancer. You are practice to prepare for an important competition in next time. It is a great time. You will try your best to perform in the best way. However, you will be very difficult to win if you do not know some tips. Although your ability is an essential element you need to remember 5 tips. They will a key to lead you to the success in this competition. I collect all experience of the stars. They are willing to share their experience. Now, I will have a brief introduction about 5 things which all dancers must know in the dance competitions. Therefore, taking your time to refer to these, right!

  1. Keep Your Head And Do Not Forget To Breathe

You are so stress because of the importance of the next dance competition. You dance regularly to wish a high result. But it is enough to win in this exam. You need to note both the mentally and emotionally. In fact, during dancing, you will spend a lot of emotion of a human. They often include happiness and sadness. It is not easy to keep peace in mind in this moment. All of these feeling will affect your result too much. What are the reasons? You can look at some explanations as follows:

  • You are happy because you are the lucky person to join in this competition. This is a good chance to change your future. You palpitate to wait for announcing the awards for the winners. Also, the biggest happiness is to become the champion team. This is a great time for the dancer.
  • Surely, you also spend sadness and disappointment during this process. You will be sad if you can not dance well as what you wish. Generally, it is so hard to keep yourself in the stable mood.

How to keep your head is a necessary thing. You must remind yourself that you do not take your time to think the bad things. You make a habit of arranging everything in your memory. You will follow all steps which you make the plan before. Wearing your dress and making up are the duty which you must do. Then, you return the backstage in the quite and control your manner. Do not forget to breathe for getting the calm.

  1. Relaxing Your Mind Before Starting A Performance


Choosing the suitable methods to relax your mind in the backstage

Some dancers do not share anything with other dancers. That is their time. They need to arrange everything in their mind. Although you do them before you can forget because of so stressful. Other dancers like to talk with the partner. They want to relax in their mind. They try to be calm in all cases. That is their method. It maybe becomes the madness. But you can have the different ways to make yourself feel comfortable. So, you should not be angry when some dancers are talking. This is not good your mind. Do not care this. Instead, you should respect their ways.

  1. Do Not Only Walk on The Stage, Take The Stage

It is your team’s turn. There are a lot of the judges as well as the audiences. You must be strong to take the stage. Normally, you will walk out there. It is your place. However, you should not bend down. You have to have the chin up with the friendly smile to greet everybody. You take your position and have the deep relaxing breaths. Although you have a small mistake in this time you should forget it quickly. You just focus on your dance lesson. Moreover, you should not forget to combine with your partner. You will perform when the music for dance starts. At this time, you still keep yourself to stay calm. You just think that you make an entertainment on the stage. Do not think that this is a competition. You will reduce your mood significantly.

Take the stage with the smile to greet the judges and the audiences

  1. Let’s Perform!

Your performance is very important. It will decide your score in a competition. So you should note 4 factors below:

  • Firstly, the game will begin when the music plays. At that time, you will take everything in the stride. You control your movements. Do not hurry up to dance. You should observe your teammate to avoid the mistake when combining some movements. Of course, you still keep your mind in the good condition.
  • Beyond that, you are always to focus your choreography. Your eyes also must contact with the judges. That is a method to show your confidence to them. The judges will evaluate this in the dancers.
  • Especially, you should push the great choreography toward them. You use your entire body to dance including your face. Most of the judges really like this. You are so active and love the dance music a lot.

Dancing with the great choreography to show to the judges

  • Additionally, you are tired of your performance. However, you have to show to the judges that you are full of energy with the passion. You are a professional dancer. This is shown through all movements and the naturally charismatic performances. All these will contribute your success in the competition.
  1. Keep The Optimism

During dancing, you can make some small mistakes. You know this. But you still complete your contest. At that time, you should keep your smile on the face until you leave the stage. You listen to the comments which they can be positive or negative. You listen to them carefully and keep the optimism. Normally, the judges will give the useful advice. Thus, you must say thank you them before you return the backstage.

Keeping the optimism with the smile to listen to the judges’ comments

Also, you should not be sad after completing. You have to be proud of yourself that you are lucky to join in this competition. You will get more experience to improve your mistake. Moreover, it is also a new challenge. You will try better in the next time. So, keeping the optimism is a necessary thing.

In summary, dancing in a competition is an important turning- point of each dancer. You must dance well. It is the main factor. But you also need to have some basic tips when dancing in this event. They are 5 things which I just share in this article. You should keep them in your mind to avoid the risks when joining in a dance competition. I believe that you will satisfy this information.

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