4 Basic Things You Must Remember When Buying A Record Player

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Maybe you are used to listening to many songs from the record player. At that time, you just listen to them and feel the content of the songs. You never note to the device which it creates the great sound of the lyric. It means that you do not care a lot about the record players.

Best Record PlayerIn the someday, you feel very interested with this device and you want to enjoy the songs on the record player. You decide to buy one. Normally, you think that you will choose the best record player. However, the quality will often accompany with the price. You should think about this problem.

Also, there are many things which you should remember when buying a record player. In this article, I will share a brief introduction about these 4 basic things. I believe that you will have more knowledge to choose an appropriate record player.

  1. Determining Your Budget

This is the important thing firstly. You must know how much money you have. If you want to collect the old record player for your collective purpose you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy new or the expensive record player.

But in some cases, you want it to play with the warm sound and great sound you must pay more for this.

In addition, you wish to own a professional record player for listening or for working. Of course, you must need a big budget to buy the high quality.

  1. What Kinds of The Record Players You Want: Manual or Automatic

After you prepare your budget you should know what kinds of the record player which you will buy it in the next time. They are manual or automatic sometimes semi- automatic. Here are the basic explanations for two types:

  • Firstly, with the manual type, you must lift the tone-arm and place it on the platter. After finishing, you must take out for the first location for resting.
  • Secondly, with the automatic type, you only need to push a power button. Immediately, all automatic system will start operating until completing. This is more modern than the manual type too much. However, if you want to find the classic of the past you should choose the manual record player.
  • Thirdly, with the semi-automatic type, you need to place the tone-arm by your hand. And after that, it will be lifted by itself and playing to the end.
  1. How about The Rotational Speeds

Actually, most of the record players have the different rotational speeds and this is measured within revolution per minute (RPM). Now, there are two popular speeds including 45 RPM and 33 RPM. Both of them often support for the most turntable.

Beyond that, there is a third speed which many people still know 78 RPM. It is for the older record. However, you can use it until you want to change a new record player. Thus, you should not worry about the playing effect of this type of record player.

But sometimes a player has installed 33 RPM. It does not mean that the record will revolve 33 times per minute exactly. It can be slower slightly than this number which it is showed on our device. In fact, many elements affect the speed.

  1. Noting Some Important Parts in A Record Player

We can not deny that some components of a record player will be changed when this device has some problem.

  • Platter

The platter is a spinning plate. When turning, the record player will create the sound which we hear. It is better to choose the heavy platter because it will reduce the vibration. This brings the warmer and richer sounds.

  • Tone-arm

Tone-arm of a record player

The tone-arm is the part to help the needle contacting with the disc. The quality of the tone-arm is the biggest factor affecting the rotating record.

  • Stylus

The stylus is the simplest part to upgrade. It is responsible for the accuracy and produces the sound. Thus, the stylus will be worn out after using a long time. Surely, it needs to replace another one. You do not worry about replacing action because it is also easy to change.

Besides, these three parts need to consider when you buy a record player. There are some other parts which it must also often change when they are used a long time. However, all of them are not difficult. To do it, you should read the guidebook or do carefully to avoid affecting the surrounding parts.

In conclusion, when you want to buy a product you should know some basic things about that product. These will help you have the important tips to choose the right record players. I believe that this article will be useful information for you when you decide to buy a record player.

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