Welcome to Main Street’s First Thursday.  The event is a loose collaboration between the merchants on Main Street, spearheaded primarily by Frame of Mind, anastasia & Friends, S&S Art Supply, and Tapp’s Art Center.  About four years ago, Frame of Mind opened its first art show in an effort to attract attention to their business and the street as a whole.  This began a monthly series of art shows with an ever increasing attendance.  Within a year, a new gallery opened (anastasia & Friends) and a well-established art supply company relocated on Main Street (S&S Art Supply).  As momentum gained, Tapp’s Art Center opened its doors.  The most recent additions include Wine Down on Main, Weddings 101, Paradise Ice, Grapes and Gallery and Something Special Florist. As an organic and concerted effort among the many fabulous Main Street businesses, we pride ourselves on being an event for the people by the people.  Come out and enjoy!

9 responses to “Home

  1. Why is Cali’s restaurant never mentioned as one of the new businesses in the Main St area? It is at 1101 Taylor St across from Mast General and has excellent food and service.


    • We would love to highlight Cali’s. As of yet we have not heard from her about her participation in First Thursdays on Main. If they would like to be featured on the First Thursdays site we would love for them to contact us.

  2. Just heard about first Thursdays and very EXCITED to attend, I would like to know is every first at the same places?

    • And we are glad that you are coming down to participate.

      The locations are pretty much the same every month; however we have a lot of new additions to our schedule of events and places recently.

      The Press Release area of the site gives you the most up to date listing and description of who (Main Street Merchants, Galleries, Restaurants, Featured Artists, etc.) is participating.

  3. Hey!

    I got an email from Melissa with the PCA sun fun area. She said you were holding some event on the 3rd. What is the story on this? Is it some sort of art exhibition or what? Is it also a car show? Thanks in advance.

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