It’s time to get your Mingle and Jingle on!


November 27, 2013

First Thursdays on Main:  December 5th, 2013 on Main Street Columbia SC 6:00 pm-10:00 pm

  • Frame of Mind-Everything Falls Apart, art by Kristina Stafford and Andrew Coombs
  • Carolina Hair Studios-art by Blue Sky X
  • Wine Down on Main– art by Kristyn Larsen
  • Anastasia & Friends-Trichotomy art by Nathan Fiveash, Clayton Wooten, and Whitney LeJeune
  • Tapp’s Art Center-I Am Not Invisible, art by Susan Lenz, Handmade Holidays and Resonance by GodArtist
  • S&S Art Supply-Final First Thursday, Group Exposition with performances by The Plow Boys
  • Paradise Ice-Food Drive for Harvest Hope, Introducing Christmas flavors…including homemade Chai Latte
  • The Arcade-Holiday Open House with Eric Causey playing live
  • Something Special Florist-Holiday Open House and 25% off Sale (Mark Roberts, December Diamonds, Melrose and Winward Collections, and more)
  • Outdoors: vintage and custom car show, Columbia’s own outdoor skating rink, gift/accessories/art vendors, food and beverages, local bands, DJ Deft Key’s Holiday Dance Party

Frame of Mind

Everything else falls apart – Kristina Stafford and Andrew Coombs

Frame of Mind’s FOM Series is excited to welcome artists, Kristina Stafford and Andrew Coombs, to our gallery for the December show. Allow our artists to explain a little more of whom they are and what they’re going to show you…

“Of course, fired clay is an extremely durable material, capable of surviving for thousands of years, while other materials naturally disintegrate. Since we both have full time jobs, carving out studio time and making our work is a challenge.”

Andrew: When I have work in progress I often find myself working on it to the exclusion of other things… and when it seems like everything else is falling apart we have each other.

Kristina: Preparing for any show in addition to a job is so overwhelming for me – I literally feel like the rest of the world falls away – usually to my detriment.

Even when I feel like I am spinning out of control – he is with me in my bubble.

Our work remains unrelated despite having studied and worked together since 2006 – we have clay and …us in common – everything else falls apart.

Kristina works mainly in earthenware clay, creating surfaces on which she can explore intricate yet playful decoration – including wall hung sculpture, jewelry and pots. Andrew works in porcelain, making functional pottery decorated with blue and white text that investigates the relationship between maker, pot, and user. This collection of their work represents their most recent creative efforts.

Married since 2011, Kristina Stafford and Andrew Coombs currently live and work in Columbia, SC. She works at the Columbia Museum of Art, and he teaches at the University of South Carolina in the Art Department. They met while earning their MFA’s in Ceramics at SAC Rochester Institute of Technology.

Kristina Stafford Twitter: @makeratlarge facebook page:

Andrew Coombs Twitter: @acpottery facebook page:


S&S Art Supply

Final First Thursday-Group Exhibition

 Well friends, all good things must come to an end. Please join us in S & S Art Supply’s final First Thursdays event and art exhibition. We have eight fabulous local artists participating, along with music by The Plowboys, wine from Rosso Trattoria Italia, food, friends, and plenty of art supplies for sale at great deals.

Artists include:
Thomas Crouch – featured artist
Evelyn Wong
Andrew Thomas
Sabrina White-Mackin
Amy Windland
Gwyn Pevonka Jones
Robin Gadient

Our featured artist for December, Thomas Crouch is presenting his series of works titled “As the Crow Flies”, exploring the physical and conceptual environment shared between crows and humans. The crow is one of the most inquisitive animals that humans symbolically and metaphorically reference to explain different human conditions and situations. These references appear consistently throughout history in language, literature, and visual art.

Thomas Crouch is a Columbia SC visual artist who shows in Columbia and Charleston SC and was a part of the inaugural Art Fields Festival in Lake City, SC. He Studied figurative drawing, oil painting, art history and theory in Florence Italy at Lorenzo De Medici School of Art 1990-1992 and finished with a BA in Art Studio at The University of South Carolina in 1997. His work lately has incorporated both drawing and painting using mixed media on discarded blueprint paper as well as treated wood and traditional canvas. An example of this work on blueprint work recently won first place premium/drawing at the SC State Fair, the largest juried art exhibit in the Southeast.

Anastasia & Friends

tri·chot·o·my [trih-kot-uh-mee]
1.division into three parts, classes, categories, etc. instance of such a division, as in thought, structure, or object.
3. the three-part division of human beings into body, spirit, and soul.

For the month of December at Anastasia & Friends, we present Trichotomy, an exhibition of paintings by Nathan Fiveash, Whitney LeJeune and Clayton Wooten. Our opening reception will take place from 6pm to 9pm as a part of Mingle & Jingle during the First Thursday art crawl on Thursday, December 5th, and the show will run through December 27th.

Nathan Fiveash specializes in original custom fine oil paintings by commission. He graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, in 2003 and is continuing to develop his talents in portrait art of all types and subject matter.

Whitney LeJeune works to satisfy viewers on an emotional and intellectual level – mating form, color and the power of suggestion in every effort. “My work as a female painter is bringing passionate art into peoples’ lives. I’m pleased when I’ve captured the easily overlooked moments and emotions in life, and said a lot with a just a few strokes of paint”.

She is a full-time, working painter who calls South Carolina home. Her style is influenced by her early childhood home, Austin, Texas, the southern elegance she finds in her family’s South Carolina roots, and her inescapable feminine perspective on the world. She studied at Savannah College of Art and Design (Bachelor’s Degree Fine Arts, Painting, May 2009).

Leveraging her view of the world, she loves to build her work on the feminine form. However, inspired by many subjects, her work includes portraiture, landscapes, architecture, and cover art for published novels.

Clayton Wooten is a mostly self-taught artist and craftsman from Elgin, South Carolina, currently making a transition from a detailed and subjective style of painting to a looser, more unconfined approach. He draws his inspiration from what he sees and experiences in my everyday life, particularly from music and images that make an impression on him. Art was at first a hobby among many interests, but has developed into a passion that now takes precedence over other activities. The more time he spends creating, the more he is able to trust my instincts and confidently paint based on what appeals to his own eye. This has allowed him to focus less on perfection within a particular piece and enabled him to paint freely in a more expressive way. In addition to his studio work, he enjoys doing murals and other public artwork.

Maria Kennedy Mungo has graciously agreed to provide delicious food for the evening.

For more information about Trichotomy, contact Anastasia Chernoff at 803 665 6902 or Anastasia & Friends art gallery is located at 1534 Main Street in the front of the Free Times’ building and is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm

 Tapp’s Art Center

I Am Not Invisible:  Susan Lenz

I Am Not Invisible is a defiant mantra and the exhibition title for new work by Susan Lenz.  Opening at the Tapp’s Art Center, 1644 Main Street in Columbia during the monthly “First Thursday” art crawl on November 7th, the work investigates the nature of memory, the tendency to forget over time, and the artist’s fervent hope to create art with a lasting impression.  “The last thing any of us will ever do is die”, says Lenz.  “Like everyone, I have so many ideas, too many things to do and objects to make and not enough days in which to accomplish half of it.  What really worries me is the possibility that none of it will matter in the years to come.  I might not be remembered; my work might not be kept by future generations.  With time, I might fade away, become invisible.  I’m working to avoid this fate.”

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a stitched grid of anonymous vintage photographs.  At fifteen feet in length and over five feet in height, it is easy for viewers to get sucked into the lives and times of the unknown families and the days they sought to remember through snapshots.  Related work includes a collection of framed, antique portraits displayed as if a family’s wall of ancestors.  Each image includes a collaged phrase, such as “I Was Someone’s Mother”, “Once a Pillar of the Community”, and “The Stories We Could Tell”.  Other work repurposes scraps of crazy quilts, rusted nails, celluloid buttons, plastic greenery off discarded artificial cemetery flowers, and a plethora of vintage ephemera.

Susan put herself into her time-capsule concepts by posing nude atop sprays of funeral flowers and in barren landscapes.  She also used her own life-sized silhouettes as a stitched outline on sheer chiffon and suspended this floating material in front of densely collaged canvases.  The resulting images make obvious the shortness of life on earth and the inevitable blur of slipping into history.

While most of Susan’s extensive stash of materials is vintage and scavenged at estate auctions, she has also incorporated more modern items. Connected, Shared, Saved is a triptych of assorted cords, cables, Internet connectors and electrical devices.  The individual words have dual meanings, half suggesting a network of human relationships and half suggesting similar computer functions.  Gathering My Thoughts, a mass of unwound thread in suspended baskets, also draws on word associations. “Thread” is fundamental to fiber arts but is also a word used to describe conversations, common bonds, and Internet correspondence.

Collectively, the work uses every day, found materials and explores the way people try to remember and attempt to be remembered.  The exhibit is the artist’s effort to do both while admitting the likelihood of failure.  Journal entries are scattered through the exhibit and include:  These truths are always with me: I am a female lacking an academic arts education in a male dominated world bent on high-brow approaches to art-making underscored with critical words written by trained professionals.  I am a postmenopausal woman with years of experience and mountains of visual expressions waiting to take form.  I work and will continue to work because I have something to say in spite of the many obstacles.  I work with the faint hope that “something”, perhaps just one little work of art, might be kept through coming generations, cherished … admired … remembered … regarded for its quality… something to mark my existence on this planet.  I work because I AM NOT INVISIBLE.

For more information, please visit Susan’s website at or call (803) 254-0842.

Other Artists Include:

Daveion Lashley | Sean McGuinness | Amanda Ladymon | Fairoozan Abdalla | Leanne Kelley | John Starino | Art Gomez | Veronika Leath

Resonance by GodArtist

Barbadian by birth and Columbia resident, GodArtist (Daveion Lashley) presents “Resonance” – a representation of what occurs when the power of scripture is reverberated through art. Lashley’s art takes an avant-garde approach to conventional Christian art and this exhibition is no exception. Each painting is an interpretation of Biblical scripture, but its execution is far different from what most would expect. His radical approach can be described as a translation of sorts that takes what was once obscure and difficult to comprehend and literally paints it in a different light to expose what was always there, but just out of sight.

Check out SCA member/artists Abstract Alexandra & Jason Freeman pop up gallery in Tapp’s Arts Center courtyard for Mingle & Jingle on Main Streets 1st Thursday Dec. 5. 6-9 pm.

Wine Down on Main

Kristyn Larsen

Wine Down on Main is thrilled to have Kristyn Larsen returning to our walls for her new show “Productive non-progression”.  She explains “The body of work is about the humanity of self-expression. The contours and colours may represent the balance within self, or the community that is enhanced when open minds connect, or the distance it creates with barriers of communication and culture. Constantly striving for the goal of an almost impossible clear headed mind, with due dates and deadlines, I am perpetually dealing with battles of clustered thoughts and stress overload while trying to reach the goal of the complete opposite. Mostly my art represents my multifaceted truth.”  We will have our outside tables for you to enjoy all the sights and sounds of Mingle and Jingle!

Carolina Hair Studios

Blue Sky
Blue Sky was born Warren Edward Johnson in Columbia, South Carolina, on September 18, 1938. He attended Dreher High School before his acceptance at the University of South Carolina, where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in art and education.

At the prestigious Springs Mills show, he was judged “best of show” by Henry Geldzahler, then curator of the Metropolitan Museum, whereupon Sky was invited to move to New York to study at the Art Students League.

Sky has been painting professionally for over 45 years, and has been solely supported by his art since 1970. In 1974, he legally changed his name to Blue Sky, and engraved it across his most famous work, Tunnelvision, a year later.

Tunnelvision was featured in the February 1976 issue of People Magazine, and it has appeared in dozens of publications since. Sky has exhibited alongside such artists as Robert Rauschenberg, Andrew Wyeth, Isamu Noguchi, Louise Nevelson, George Tooker, and Winslow Homer.

In 2000, Sky received the “Order of the Palmetto” – South Carolina’s highest civilian state honor.

The Arcade

Columbia’s Historic Arcade Building located at 1332 Main Street will be open for Mingle and Jingle!  The latest addition to the building, Blue Avenue marking firm, is Toasting the Season by hosting an inaugural client celebration that will feature cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and musical guest, Eric Causey.

Stop by and visit the many art studios, like Bettye Rivers Studio, Tish Lowe Studio, Bonnie Goldberg Studios, Beth West Studio and much more…

Over The Top Boutique, Frances Lowe Designs, Reel2Real Productions, Balancing Energies Massage Studio and many others will all be offering holiday specials! So don’t miss any of these great deals happening Downtown at the Arcade!

Reel2Real Productions and DigiXpressions will be setting up a photography booth in the main lobby to take holiday pictures for $10!!!! They will be printed on the SPOT. So stop by and get your mug taken by yourself or with the family!

Mast General

Prairie Willows 6 pm – 7 pm

Washtub bass, guitar, banjo, kazoo, washboard, fiddle, and 3 part harmonies- the Prairie Willows join you at Mast General Store for a special Christmas celebration. A clever mixture of intimate carols, hootin’ and hollerin’, and perhaps a jingle or two. You don’t wanna miss it.

Paradise Ice

The holidays are for giving! Bring a non perishable food item for Harvest Hope Food Bank and we will give you 10% off your Paradise Ice order. We will be making all of your favorite Christmas flavors as well as unveiling a new cookie sandwich. We also have locally roasted coffee, hot teas, our gourmet hot chocolates, and our home made chai latte to help keep you warm!

CMA Museum Shop

We’ve bringing back our most popular “make us an offer sale.”  Come by our tent and enjoy the goodies!

One Columbia

This month, stop in for a warm Winter beverage as you’re making your way to the open galleries on Main. Also, check out all the ideas we’ve got to help you give the gift of local art this season.

USC Pop-Up Photography Show

University of South Carolina Pop-Up Show 2013!

December 5th from 5 to 9 p.m. at 1113 Lady Street


22 students from USC’s photo department have been selected by juror Dennis Kiel, Director of the Light Factory, and will put up a Pop-Up show for the public on first Thursday, December the 5th from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at 1113 Lady Street off Main between Moe’s Levy and the Palms. Free entry, refreshments and food available, framed prints and catalogues for sale. Family friendly! Come out and support the young local artists from USC’s photo area. Contact: Meg at 512-940-8486 with questions.

The Cigar Box Main Street

What could be better for Christmas that a good cigar and a visit from Santa?  How about a great Cigar and a visit from Santa’s little helpers!!  Stop in during Mingle and Jingle to peruse our selection of fine cigars and get your picture taken with two of Santa’s “good” little helpers, provided by Southern Deviant.

Something Special Florist

Christmas Open House and Sale!  Come in and enjoy 25% off Christmas Merchandise, Mark Roberts, December Diamonds, Melrose and Winyard Collections and much, much more!

Michel’s Drugs

From Marble Falls’ Main Street to Columbia’s Main Street…Michel’s Drugs will be set up and ready to see you.  Over a hundred years ago, Kyle Michel’s family started this iconic TX drug store and general store hybrid. Now, our Main Street neighbor is bringing a whole different idea to us…SO join Kyle on Main Street in front of his office (between Frame of Mind and Anastasia and Friends/Free Times).

He has the BEST vinyls around. Be prepared to shop for records at Michel’s Drugs. Open during First Thursdays on Main…now on YOUR Main Street!

The Whig

Overall it’s a shout out to Charlotte beer…out in the street we’re doing Olde Mecklenburg Brewery’s Dunkel, and down in the basement we’re doing NoDa Brewing Company’s Coco Loco.—Dunkel-7

Cantina 76

Main Street’s newest restaurant (below The Palms), Cantina 76, is open and DELICIOUS!  We are offering a FTOM special…2 for 1 original house margaritas. YUM.

We’re a locally owned and operated restaurant offering a taqueria based menu in a lively, cantina atmosphere. Taqueria is a Spanish word meaning taco shop. These taco shops originated as street vendors, however, many today operate as restaurants. Taquerias have been around for years in Spanish culture serving as a basis for cuisine in countries around the world. Today we bring this concept to you as Cantina 76.

Our goal is to offer gourmet border cuisine at affordable prices in a casual, upbeat atmosphere. What does that mean? It means our menu is a combination of flavors found throughout North, Central, and South America, and even the world, brought to you in an authentic Tex-Mex style meal. Our Cantina also offers some of the finest beer, wines, and tequilas to compliment your meal and to enjoy while relaxing with friends old and new.

The Downtown YMCA: Sumter Street

Join the folks from the “Y” out at their tent at First Thursdays for more info!  You’ll get to see a cycling demo.

Since opening in 1854, the Y’s emphasis has been on creating a community where individuals can come together in a spirit of common fellowship. Today, the YMCA of Columbia includes five branches, in Downtown Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, Northeast Columbia and Orangeburg and is a partner with the Palmetto Center for Women (formerly the YWCA). The Downtown YMCA is located at 1420 Sumter Street on land originally donated by Woodrow Wilson’s family, and it has been a cornerstone in the downtown community for over 150 years. We are joined together by a shared commitment to nurture the potential of kids, promote healthy living and foster a sense of social responsibility. We believe that lasting personal and social change can only happen when we all work together to invest in our kids, health and neighbors.

Hub at Columbia

Hub At Columbia will be out and about at Mingle and Jingle with a “special guest”…Santa perhaps?! Shhhh…

Hub At Columbia will feature one, two, three, four and five-bedroom apartments with 60 different floor plans to choose from, an unprecedented blend of amenities and will truly be a place where you can work/study by day and mix and mingle at night. All units will be fully furnished with custom designed furniture and a 42” HD flat screen TV. Rent includes furniture, full access to amenities, cable, Internet and trash services.

Amenities will include an outdoor amenity deck on the rooftop of the parking garage behind the Hub building with a multi-depth swimming pool, hot tub, sand volleyball court and a 20 foot Outdoor LED TV Screen. Indoor amenities will include a 2200 square feet fitness center with state-of-the-art fitness equipment; spa with sauna, steam room and indoor hot tub; study lounges, conference and business centers and more. The top two floor of the building will host special VIP and SPA units with private amenities including a hot tub and/or pool table, an upgraded Smart TV, a steam room for Spa residents only and more.

For more info, check out our website: www.HubAtColumbia, email us at or search for Hub At Columbia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

First Thursdays Cruise In

Have you missed the First Thursdays Cruise In?  Well, here’s your chance to enjoy these beautifully restored cars once again!  Hey, these cars ARE art.  Come on down to Main Street and see why.


Although some parts of Austria celebrate Krampus day on the 6th, the 5th of December has traditionally been the day that devil-like Krampus roam the streets punishing those for their bad doings throughout the year. They are often accompanied by St. Nicholas and can be found in parades in the evening. The Krampus often wear wooden masks, are dressed in animal furs, and often carry bells, chains, whips, and baskets with them.

Feel free to dress up as a Krampus or not – either way you are invited to join.

Meet AT THE STATEHOUSE at 8:00 p.m. The huge tree is down there and will be a great place to shoot some video and take some pictures and run around like crazy people.

Next, we’ll run down to THE WHIG and get a drink. This festival is a traditional night of revelry, so we will start reveling there. REVEL HARD.

We will MARCH from there onfoot down Main Street where this year it is FIRST THURSDAY. We will steal souls and from there journey to THE VISTA where we will drink more and take more pictures and whip more people and run around like CRAZY.

After that, who knows? We can wing it from there.

Note – this event is not sponsored by anyone and therefore costs zero dollars to attend. It doesn’t benefit anyone while simultaneously siphoning money into anyone’s pockets. No permits have been sought from the City of Columbia to make it official. You show up or don’t. It’s a thing or not.

Feel free to tell your friends and invite everyone to get whipped and spanked!


Entertainment and Food:

The Whig and KC’s Hot Dogs=team effort=YUM, Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse-outdoor service, Crepes and Croissants, Paradise Ice, Bourbon & Rosso’s-Gumbo and Italian Stew along with gift certificates for purchase, Wine Down

DJ Deft Key’s Holiday Dance Party

Laser lights, holiday music, and dancing…YEP!  We’re so proud to feature Columbia’s own DJ Deft Key of Entropy Studios, Raymond Howard. Deft Key’s shows are full of the energy and sounds of global beats and dubstep. For a sampling, check out his music on And VOTE for his latest His CD is available for purchase.

Entropy Studios is a recording/production studio that was founded in the fall of 2011 by Raymond Howard, Timothy Miller, and Jeramie Conrad. A unique type of studio with services ranging from simple recording/tracking to full production including song creation, adding audio to film, voice overs and foley, their mission is to provide a fully operational studio capable of facilitating any and all audio needs for musicians, film producers, theatrical directors, and voice actors both regionally and internationally. Their menu of services include: recording, tracking, mixing, mastering, voice-overs, composition, songwriting, foley, DJ services, live sound/lighting, post-production audio for film and video, album art, logo design, photography services, merchandise design, band photos, business cards, and flier design. Please visit Deft Key on Facebook at or Entropy Studios on Facebook at .

Holiday Vendors:

  • J.Beads: JB Marple, handcrafted jewelry and prayer beads, tailored to tastes and beaded to budgets  803-665-5179

  • Alicia Leeke: Fine Art, Original paintings, prints, and gifts  803-429-5456

  • Lamp D Lighting:  George Stankus, Artisan Lampmaker  803-260-0283

  • De Moda: Jessica Cabrera, accessories that are unique and affordable, every item has been hand selected from Chile

  • HHuntArt:  Howard Hunt, Fine Art Painting and Photography, Commercial Photography, Sculpture  803-348-5707

  • The Nest: Emile DeFelice, goods from Soda City Market (Farmers, Artisans, Local Retailers, Collectors, Produce, Ethnic Foods and Grocery, Baked Goods, and Ready-to-Eat Food)  803-250-5801

  • Marina’s Design Studio: Marina Ponomareva, jewelry: elegant and dainty ranging more into the antique/Victorian look with use of natural stones (agate, jade, jasper, onyx, etc), Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, gold and silver plated metals, as well as brass for the antique pieces and art: photography and water colors  803-446-9288


First Thursdays on Main is Columbia’s monthly art crawl and streetfest hosted by the Main Street merchants on the first Thursday of every month from 6 to 9 pm.  This event showcases the revitalized Main Street community and includes our merchants from the Capital to City Hall.

You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling (803)988-1065 or via email at

Please also visit our website for additional info and happenings at   ###


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