A Thank You Note

This is a “Thank You” to all of those who participated in First Thursdays on Main for October.  Easily the largest event that has happened yet, it is a great sign of the future of this premiere event for our city!

HUGE thank yous to the following businesses that opened their doors and threw their own parties.  It takes a lot for them to do that and shows their commitment to their street and to the arts community as a whole:

  • Eric and Amanda at S&S Art Supply and opening show by Carlleena Person
  • Billy and Brenda at Tapp’s and opening show by Suzy Scarborough
  • Joe and Jessica at Paradise Ice with opening show by Sean McGuinness
  • Isaac, Heather, and Andy at the Nick with feature film of The Jam Room Documentary
  • Deb and Ruth at Mast General with music by Chris Compton and the Ruby Brunettes
  • Connie at Weddings 101 with samplings from Scott Hall
  • David and Grant at Something Special Florist and their Halloween Extravaganza
  • Anastasia for letting the Jam Room take over your space at Free Times with opening show by Jay Matheson and Alex Smith
  • Patti and Jenna at Wine Down with opening show by Lauren Maurer
  • Kyle from Kyle Michel Law Firm
  • Bohumila and crew from CMA Gift Shop
  • Mark, Dana, and Wendy from Frame of Mind and opening show by PIENSA Art: Sammy Lopez, Dre Lopez, and Robert LeHeup
  • Edson, Bruce, and crew from Cowboy
  • Phil and crew from The Whig
  • Leigh, Michelle, and crew from Hampton Street Vineyard
  • Cindi and crew from Jasper
  • Sheraton and Preach Jacobs/The Cigar Box Cohiba Thursdays

Our appreciation also goes to another group of folks who made First Thursdays on Main sparkle this month:

  • Curran Stone of Cartoys Inc for being one of the major contributors to and masterminds of the “First Thursdays Cruise In”
  • Chris Carney/LED poi spinning
  • Maria Bargas Palacio and the ladies of Serpentine Bellydance
  • Gina Wolfe and the crew from Columbia Hoops
  • Tribe SK’s Aaron DW White, Lavelle Marshall, Andrew Spencer and crew
  • DJ Deft Key/Ray Howard of Entropy Studios for creating a show-stopping set for the crowd and performers of the 1500 block
  • Lee Ann Kornegay for setting up and running that magnificent Nick Parade and to all of the fabulous paraders who participated
  • DJ B for getting everybody dancing in the 1600 block
  • Outdoor food and libations by: Edson and Bruce from Cowboys, Phil from The Whig, Corey and crew from 2 Fat 2 Fly, Scott and crew from Bone In, Alex from KC’s hotdogs, Giles from J Gumbo’s, Rob from NNB BBQ , Patti from Wine Down, and Terri from Famously Frozen
  • City Center Partnership (CCP) crew and the much loved Yellow Shirts: the Yellow Shirt team stands ready to support our Main Street community daily.  We can’t say thanks enough for the help with the stage and transport, security, and clean-up…all with smiles! By the time we all opened the next morning, the Yellow Shirts had Main Street looking like not a thing had happened the night before.
  • Officer Hall and the Columbia Police Department for their presence and support

And, we absolutely must send a super big thanks out to USC PR folks, especially John Valentine, Assistant Director.  John, thanks for thinking of FTOM and Main Street when the crew from ESPN Road Trip show was looking for an evening in the life and times of Columbia SC!  The hosts, Ali and Niki, had a lot of fun traveling up and down the street partying with all of us (as you can see from the piece that was on the show).  To the cast and crew of ESPN U, it was our pleasure to meet all of you and hope you felt right at home in mayhem of Main Street’s celebration!  Thanks for the fantastic footage!

Our final thank you belongs to the community who turned out in the thousands to celebrate with us.  Without you, our event could never happen!  Standing ovation, Columbia!

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